sâmbătă, 5 decembrie 2009

Comenius Activity - Smile for Smile

Humanitarian campaign "Smile for Smile" was aimed at helping children in need from the neighborhoods of Mioveni Town. It is one of the activities planned both in Comenius multilateral project but also in the county project having among partners the representatives of the Cultural Center, the Foundation “Consortium for Local Development” and the Town Hall Mioveni. Thus, the pupils of “Liviu Rebreanu” School, coordinated by teachers of Comenius team, have prepared several packages with school supplies, sweets, clothes and toys, which they have given to poor children in neighborhood social blocks of Mioveni Town, the neighborhood Racoviţa and Colibaşi belonging to families with many children, by their gesture showing that the beauty of world lies in the goodness of soul, the desire to bring joy to the hearts of these children on the eve of St. Nicholas. Classes that have prepared these aids were 2 C, 3 C, 3 A, 4 A, 5 C, 5 D, 7 C and 7 I. They were accompanied by the primary level teachers Jeana Tita, Lidia Costache, Ioana Georgescu, Daniela Berechet , the teachers Ana Tudor Mihaela Rizoaica, Mariana Radulescu, the head teacher, Julian Rizoaica, the personal adviser of the Mayor, Marilena Ionescu, the editor of the newspaper “Miovenii” and the local television reporters of “West TV”.

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