duminică, 13 septembrie 2009

Comenius Project 2009 Launch Speech at the Opening of the New School Year

Dear parents and students,
Dear colleagues and guests,

Since August 2009, School “Liviu Rebreanu” Mioveni is involved in a Comenius multilateral European project entitled "If you want to see the beauty of the world, first you have to find it in yourself" in partnership with schools from Italy, Malta, Lithuania and Poland.
The project is financially supported by the European Commission under the Comenius program - the first component of Lifelong Learning. Thus, our school has received a grant of 24,000 euros for the development of the activities proposed in the project.
All information we provide is the sole responsibility of the project team and the National Agency for Community Programs in Education and Training and the European Commission are responsible for how this information is used content.
Activities included in the draft will be presented on the school site, the project site and the online magazine of the school. The purpose of the events of our students (dramas, plays, songs and drawing contests, photo exhibitions, artistic performances, literary presentations, charity actions) is attracting public attention on social problems with the help target the elderly and sick children, poor, orphans.
Through this project, children have the opportunity to show others the beauty of their personality, putting his skills and passions worth, showing friendship and EU membership.
In carrying out these activities we are sure that we benefit from the support of Local Council and the Town Hall of Mioveni.
The first Comenius multilateral project approved in Mioveni Town will hopefully be an incentive for all teachers to launch this kind of projects, by accessing European funds, contributing to continuing and strengthening the European dimension in education by promoting cooperative activities between schools.

Project coordinator: Teacher Ana TUDOR

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