marți, 6 octombrie 2009

European Quality Labels

I was awarded today with these labels for my e-Twinning projects. The e-Twinning Team has sent me this message:

Dear Ana Tudor,

Congratulations! Your school has been awarded the European Quality Label for the excellence of the work in the eTwinning projects "Let's discover a better world", "LLT - Lifelong Learning Teachers" and "World in Colours". This means that your work, the work of your students and your school have been recognized at the highest European level.

As a result you will receive the certificates which you can attach to your website(s) and display in a prominent position in your school. Also, your projects will be displayed in a special area on the European Portal at

Once again congratulations on this unique achievement and I hope that we may meet at one of the eTwinning events during the year.

With my best regards,
e-Twinning Team

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