sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2009

Let's Draw Our Comenius Logo

One of the most important activities in our Comenius project is to choose a logo. That’s why, on October 3rd, the pupils included in our project team, coordinated by their teachers Ana Tudor and Mariana Rădulescu, agreed to compete for the best drawing in order to be chosen as the Romanian proposal for logo.
We will post on site this proposal and our partners from Malta, Italy, Lithuania and Poland will do the same. The Tele-voting system of our common site will decide the logo of the Comenius project “If you want to see the beauty of the world, first you have to find it in yourself”.
The pupils who came in order to prove their talent were: Iulia Uţă (7 E), Lavinia Cherbel (5 C), Amelia Coman (7 C), George Poeniţă (6 C), Oana Voican (7 E), Cristiana Măgureanu (7 C), Alexandra Dicu (6 C), Ruxandra Nae (7 E), Ion Moise Bădulescu (6 C), Alexandra Duţă (7 C), Daniel Burcă (6 C), Cristiana Aninoiu (7 C), Carmen Vlăsceanu (6 C), Otilia Ticu (7 C).

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