vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

Beyond School Projects – A Report on e-Twinning 2008-2009

Beyond School Projects: A report on e-Twinning 2008-2009 provides a comprehensive look at how e-Twinning has developed and grown over the last year. Nearly five years after its launch, it is clear that the European action has grown from strength to strength and has responded to the needs of the teaching community.
This latest report, prepared by the Central Support Service (CSS) for e-Twinning, explains how e-Twinning has transformed itself from a partnership tool to a virtual community for teachers in Europe. Going beyond school projects, e-Twinning has responded to the needs and behavior of teachers by providing the means for teachers – and pupils - to network, share and develop their educational experience through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
Areas of focus from the last school year include how the community has developed through statistical analysis, how teachers have responded through a survey conducted in the autumn of 2008 and the introduction of online Learning Events as an new opportunity in the area of professional development as well as and pilot e-Twinning Groups to bring together specific interest groups for networking purposes.

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