duminică, 1 noiembrie 2009

Halloween in Our School - Short Movies

The show "Halloween Story" took place on Friday, October 30th, 2009, hours 11-13, in the school library (body B). Contests were held on 3 sections: 1. Drawings (paintings), 2. Pumpkins carved, 3. Costumes (up 3/class). The works were handed over to the library up on October 29th.
Also, there was a selection for "The Costumes Parade" by class: Class I (11:00 to 11:15), Class II (11:15 to 11:30), Class III (11: 30 - 11:50), Class IV (11:50 to 12:10). Students nominated by the jury remained in the library for prizes. This took place at 12:30.
Some classes have parties in the afternoon others had open lessons on "Halloween".

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